Letter of Chairman of the Board of Directors

The world nowadays lives a state of alterations in the concepts and science, therefore the information technology becomes essential power economically, financially, industrially and commercially. In addition, it pushes the industrial people to improve their products by using the state of the art technology in order to put their feet in the world controlled by the strong economic relationships and the rapid developments.

It is known that the global economic world divided into development and growth, thus we Zanobia LTD for ceramic, porcelain and sanitary ware industry have decided to do their best for keeping up with the rapid growing developments by overcoming all the obstacles and never giving up where the surrender is the fatal disease. The achievements of ZANOBIA LTD from the date of birth up to now have been considered the pride of SYRIAN national industry, keeping the humanitarian aspect in the relation between the people of our group.

We hope to go on progress in all fields for our greatest country and his president Bashar Al-Assad

Abdul-RAZZAK Sahhar
Board chairman


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